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Elvis Duran Shocks Morning Show With Piano Skills

Who knew Elvis Duran had a talent that the entire morning show didn't know about! Tuesday morning, while setting up for a performance by Tones and I, Elvis snuck over to the piano laid out for her and just started playing.

"When I was a kid I could play by ear," explains Elvis, "Then when I took piano lessons, I couldn't do it anymore." Then Elvis proceeds to play any song we threw at him. We started easy with Heart and Soul, then moved on to Piano Man completely by memory. "I've known you almost 15 years and had no idea you could play like that," said Froggy. Skeery and Danielle both agreed, they had no idea Elvis could play the piano.

After years of interviewing artists about music, the crew had no idea they too were amongst a true pianist! Watch above and see for yourself.