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Macklemore Asks Tones And I To Work With Him After Seeing Her Perform

Tones and I has had three lives. One working in retail, one busking, and the one she is living now. The Dance Monkey, singer describes being shocked by people on the street and her now manager telling her she had talent. "My manager that I have right now found me on the street." She continues to say, if she didn't take that chance on the streets she would have never been here. She would have continued a life working in retail, never experiencing hardship but not experience something exciting either.

Macklemore is Tones and I's favorite artist in the world and she recently got to meet him. She says meeting him means she has peaked. "That was a five year goal for me," explains Tones and I to Elvis Duran, "Now I don't know what to do from here." Tones and I continues to say she met him before her performance and then after she went on he actually called her and asked her if she would work with him. "I hope you said no!," Elvis jokes to the artist.

Tones and I is currently on a world tour, performing again in NY in April at the Bowery Ballroom. You can watch her full interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above as well as her performance of Can't Be Happy All The Time, below!