Apply To Be An 'Elvis Duran Show' Intern!

Apply To Be An Intern!

Apply To Be An Intern!

Ever dreamed of being an Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Intern?You’ve come to the right place! 

We are no longer accepting applications for the FALL 2020 internship.

Because of the quarantine, we do not think there will be a Fall 2020 internship program.

Please submit your SPRING 2010 applications as of October 1st. No need to apply sooner.

Fall 2020 submissions will not be included for SPRING 2021 so please really in October.

Stay safe!


  1. Radio Interns
  2. Web / Graphic Design / Editorial / Social Media Interns
  3. Video Editing Interns
  4. Z100 DJ Interns + night Z100 internships 


  1. For consideration, please submit a resume with a cover letter to
  2. The cover letter should explain which internship type or types you are applying for, why you want to intern for our morning show, and why you think you would be a good intern. 
  3. The subject line of your email should state which internship you are applying for and for which semester or semesters: Fall, Summer, Spring. 


  • You must be a current college student during the internship to be eligible to intern.


  • Morning Show Interns must have a flexible schedule and will be in-studio for 2 eight hour days per week.Our studios are located in Tribeca, NYC. You must be able to get to the studios by 5 AM for most of the internships offered. Some internships have a slightly later start time.DJ interns must be available 2-3 nights M-F.


  • You must be into pop culture + VERY fun and outgoing. No, really... ask someone if you are fun. If they say "No," then trust them.
  • Please spell check and grammar check your submission.. “Apart is the exact opposite of “A part” Alot is not a word .You’re welcome.

Our company, iHeartMedia is an Equal Opportunity Employer