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Skeery Jones Admits Who On The Morning Show He Had A Crush On

Skeery Jones went 'down in the dm's' on @ElvisDuranShow on Instagram to answer questions from our followers. One of the questions asked by @jcoello13 was: "Have you ever had a crush with anyone on the show?" And guess what.... Skeery answered it!

"Well maybe back in the day," Skeery begins to answer, "I've been working here since I was 20, my hormones were raging.... If Danielle presented herself I might have hit it back in the day."

Skeery continues saying, "But she's my sister now.. I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER, Sheldon I know you're watching, oh my god he kids might be watching! Oh I didn't say that, scrub that."

Skeery also answers questions like if he'll ever have children in which he explains that he doesn't picture himself ever becoming a father despite loving kids and other people's kids.

He also dives in to lighter topics like his favorite board games from growing up and how he doesn't laugh doing the phone taps!

Watch above to see Skeery answer your dm's and make sure to follow us on Instagram so you can get your dm answered!