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Froggy Holds Back Tears Talking Weekend Spent With Danielle In Florida

Danielle Monaro and Danielle's mom headed to Florida to visit Froggy and his wife Lisa for a long weekend.

“When Froggy and Lisa came for the funeral [Danielle's dad] they said to my mom ’Why don’t you come down for a long weekend and get your mind off of things, to get a different view of things.’ And she was excited to go! So we went down and we had the best time ever," Danielle explains to Elvis Duran.

Elvis said, “He was almost in tears telling me how much they enjoyed being with you and your mom. And this friendship that you guys have, is that friendship that we should all be striving for in our life.”

Froggy explains, “We all have family that we spend time with, but that’s your family. But then you make friends in life, and friends are all different levels. Danielle and her mom, we really had such a special time this weekend. I’ve always had a really good bond with Danielle, and so has Lisa. And I love Danielle’s parents, and I had a really good relationship with her father. So I knew it was going to be a tough weekend. But we wanted Danielle’s mom to feel special, because I know she’s lonely and I know she’s going through something. And just because its ended- with all the funeral stuff- I know she still goes home and she’s alone. And so when Danielle and her mom came down, we wanted them both to feel special. And we had THE best weekend. To have friends that turn into family, that’s the best kind of relationship.”

Froggy continues, “When we were leaving, we were hugging Danielle’s mom at the airport, and she had tears in her eyes. And she said, ‘Thank you for making me forget my life for the past four or five days. You have really made it special.’ And that was everything.”

Listen to the entire heartfelt conversation about Danielle's trip to see Froggy below!