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This Penny Just Sold For Over $1,000,000 - See If You Have One Like It

Photo: Getty Images

There are lots of coins out there worth more than face value. Pennies from before 1982 are worth more than one cent, some quarters from last year are worth $400, and there are even some dimes out there worth up to $450,000, but now, one coin has put them all to shame. A 1958 penny just sold for over one million dollars.

The penny, which had a mistake shown on some of its letters, sold for a record $1,136,250. The president of, the site that auctioned off the piece, explained in a press release, "The million-dollar penny is known as a 'doubled die' and it is the finest of only three known 1958 U.S. cents that have severe doubling of letters in the motto 'In God We Trust' and the word 'Liberty' on the front of the coin." That was enough for one diehard collector who needed this penny to complete his collection, and was willing to shell out for it.

While the auction was going on, before it hit the final price thanks to 117 bids, TikToker The Coin Guy knew the coin was going to be huge.

Because the condition of this penny was so mint, it is unlikely you'll find a penny worth that much in your pocket, however, you can still wind up with a valuable 1958 penny that has the same mistake, so be on the lookout for them.

As for the collector who auctioned off the coin, unfortunately, he passed away after consigning his collection for auction, however his family will get the proceeds, which were pretty significant. He auctioned off 276 pennies, at a face value of just $2.76, and sold them all for $7,731,811.