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If You Find One Of These Pennies, You're An Instant Millionaire

Photo: Getty Images

They say that if you see a penny on the sidewalk and it's heads-up to pick it up because it's good luck, but if it is one penny in particular, good luck would be an understatement. It turns out there are some one-cent coins out there that are actually worth seven-figures, and you just might have one of them at the bottom of your change jar or stuffed in between your couch cushions.

The penny is an older one, from 1943, the kind that says "One Cent" on the back with two stalks of wheat. That year, pennies were made from steel so copper could be used to make shell casings and weapons for World War II. However, according to a TikTok video from The Coin Guy, due to a mistake at the mint, some of the 1943 pennies were made with copper, and those are the ones to look for.

One such coin sold last year for $840,000, but is now worth $1,050,000.

To tell if your 1943 penny is worth a mil, put a magnet over it. If it sticks to the magnet, it is steel, but still worth anywhere between 20 cents and $20. However, if it doesn't stick to the magnet, you might be in for a windfall.

Of course, the 1943 copper penny isn't the only coin worth a lot. There are plenty of other pennies, quarters and more currently in circulation worth well more than face value.