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2004 Quarters Are Worth $2000, And One Could Be In Your Pocket Right Now

Most coins aren't worth much: a penny is just one cent, a nickel five and a dime ten, but sometimes, they are worth more than face value, and that's the case for some quarters in circulation that could be worth over $2,000. The coins, which came out in 2004, are the Wisconsin state quarters. They all show a cow, a wheel of cheese and an ear of corn on the back, but the valuable ones have something special going on with the corn.

TikTok user CoinHub posted a video letting people know about the special quarters. In it, he explains that what makes the coins so valuable is an extra "leaf" on the corn. A tiny mark under one part of the vegetable increases the quarter's value tremendously. That mark, referred to as the "high extra leaf," isn't supposed to be there. One quarter in great condition with the mark sold for $2,530.

It's not just quarters that can be worth a ton too - everything from pennies to dollar coins could sell for a lot more than face value - typically because they are really old or have an error on them. Others sell because they are unique, like a 1909 penny that has "VDB" on it - the initials of designer Victor David Brenner. Only 484,000 of those were minted and one just sold for over $1,100.

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