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Shiny Dimes Are Worth Between $5 and $450,000 - Check Your Pockets!

Photo: Getty Images

When you dump the change out of your pocket, you typically don't see anything too interesting. There's usually just a faded, old penny or maybe a quarter with something other than an eagle on the back of it. However, if you empty out your spare change and see an especially shiny dime, you might have a coin worth more than ten cents, and in some cases, a whole lot more.

TikTok's The Coin Guy explained in a video that one shiny dime in particular is worth $456,000, and he detailed what to look out for. He said the coin you want to find is actually a proof and not your everyday dime. Proofs are struck twice by a special polished die, making them particularly shiny. Mostly, they come in collector's sets, but they can be used as currency and do wind up in circulation.

One of the most valuable ones came out in 1975 and is supposed to have a small "S" above the the year on the heads side, but doesn't. If you have one like that, it'll be like winning the lottery.

Of course, finding a $456,000 coin is unlikely, but you still might encounter a proof dime worth more than face value. If you think you have, there is an easy test to find out for sure if it is a proof. The Coin Guy explained that proofs have characteristics of a mirror and if you pass an object over it, you'll see it reflected on the coin. Regular dimes won't do that.

If you do have a proof, it's undoubtedly more valuable than just ten cents. They usually are worth at least five dollars. Check out this site to see what yours is worth.