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Common Pennies Worth $200 Due To Tiny Error

Photo: Getty Images

You might want to think twice the next time you see a penny on the ground and decide to walk by it because it isn't heads up or you don't want to touch it. Some pennies are worth more than one cent... a lot more. While the most valuable ones tend to be older, there are plenty of newer coins that can go for well more than face value.

TikToker Blake Alma, who runs the @CoinHub account, pointed out one such penny. It is from 1994 and when you flip it over to the tails side and check out the Lincoln Memorial, you'll see what looks like one or more extra columns on the structure. It's because of an error known as doubling, and that mistake makes the penny way more valuable. One penny in good condition with the extra column error recently sold for over $200.

There are plenty of other pennies out there with issues that make them worth way more, including a 1999 one with spacing issues valued at $4,500, a 1909 one with the designer's initials engraved on it worth two grand, and many others. And those aren't the only coins to look out for, dimes, nickels, quarters and more can have very valuable mistakes too.

So what do you if you find them? You might want to first get the coin graded by an expert to help increase its value, then auction it off on eBay.