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Tons Of 2021 Quarters Are Actually Worth From $30 To $200

Photo: Getty Images

When you think about really valuable coins, you probably figure that they must be really old, but it turns out that is not always the case. In fact, there are a bunch of quarters that were minted last year that could be worth way more than just 25 cents, and you might have one in your pocket right now.

The TikTok account CoinHub shared a video about the coins. They are 2021 quarters that on the tails side feature an image of George Washington crossing the Delaware River. So what should you look for? Well first, on the heads side, next to Washington's ponytail you should see the letter "P." Then, on the tails side, you want to check out George's hat. On the top of the back part of the hat, there is sometimes a little extra material due to what is called a die chip error. A little extra material on the hat means a little extra money for you, like $30-$50. But if there is a bunch of extra material, the quarter could sell for up to $200.

It's not the only recent coin worth more than face value. Some common pennies from 1999 are going for a handful of money, as are quarters from 2004. So what do you do if you find one? Well you can put it up for sale on eBay or look online to find a company that buys coins, but you also might want to do some research first about getting your coin graded.