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Elvis Duran Show Members Give Away Their Hoarded Items

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show are major hoarders! From personal gifts they've gotten, to coats and shoes they just never wore, everyone on the show had something that they didn't need.

After discussing this topic Wednesday, January 15th, on the show, Elvis Duran decided everyone on the show should bring something they've been hoarding. Elvis Duran brought in high-end chopsticks, Danielle brought in a purse, shoes and a Z100 radio hat, Sam gave away a snuggie, Skeery brought in a speaker and sneakers he never wore, Gandhi brought in 50th anniversary limited edition Puma sneakers, Allie Gold brought in a beautiful faux fur coat, Froggy brought a car charger mount, Nate brought in collectible Star Wars underwear, Brody has a bag full of things like games, underwear and more!

Listeners called in one by one to claim their items. Of course there was giver's remorse, Gandhi debated in hear head the entire show whether she should give away the sneakers! Froggy was trying to get Skeery's shoes, and Elvis was trying to claim Allie's coat!

Which item would you want to get your hands on? Watch above and let us know!