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Gandhi, Danielle, Skeery and Brody Describe Their Crazy Night At A Taco Bar

Restaurant manager yelling at chefs in kitchen with late tickets

The Elvis Duran and the Morning Show found themselves in quite the situation Thursday night at the Taco Bar in Hollywood Beach. “Atmosphere is incredible, there’s all these sugar skulls everywhere, and they had all these lights," says Danielle while describing the beginning of the night. "We ordered appetizers, and then ordered a second round of appetizers because we were still hungry, ate those. Then we sat there after the second round of appetizers for about 45 minutes to an hour waiting only on tacos so finally it’s late we want to go to sleep," explains Gandhi. “It’s 10pm already,” chimes in Danielle.

Now this is where the story shifts... Here is how the rest of the night went down:

Gandhi- “We’re like you know what forget it we’re just going to get our food to go and go home. We ask if we can get the food to go and the guy said ok sure. Then another guy comes out and says sorry you guys have to box this up yourself because it was already on the plate. Hands us boxes to box it up ourselves.... Then Brody says ‘If you guys weren’t with me, I probably would’ve said something because this is a little bit ridiculous’ and I was like oh say something.”

Froggy- “His words were I’m going to get the manager right now if you guys don’t disagree with me”

Gandhi- “Danielle said 'I’m just tired I want to go home', Skerry’s like hiding under the table, and Brody goes to get the manager and from the point it just got extra stupid. So he comes over and the manager was like the reason you waited is because the kitchen is backed up. If you know the kitchen is backed up why wouldn’t you come and tell us we’d be waiting a while. Then he asks Brody and says do you want to take a shot with me. That doesn’t make the situation better. Then they give us the bill, they were going to take something off, they didn’t take it off and says sorry can’t do anything but we already ran the card.”

Danielle- “He said there’s going to be a hold on your charge card and then we’d have to recharge it. Then Brody was like then the charge would drop. And they went back to the kitchen”

Brody - “Danielle had already put her credit card down for the bill, and skerry’s like ahh lets just leave and we voted 2 votes to talk to the manager and 2 votes against. My problem was first they wanted to pack the food up ourself but once they bring the boxes he didn’t bring the check and he knows we’re in hurry. I had to go over to the kitchen entrance and call him over. I said you’re going to void the check and re ring it and he’s like yeah we don’t want to put a second charge on and I said excuse me it’s up to my friend to decide if she wants you to ring a second charge and I said he’s what you’re going to do you’re going to get cash and refund her meanwhile Skerry’s in the Uber.... The guy comes back hands us a 20 dollar bill and Danielle is like 'GREAT!' We get to the Uber and Skeery said 'you didn’t get anything did you?' And Danielle goes 'I got 20 dollars!'

After all that we did get $20 back, but what would you have done in this situation? Are you the embarrassed Skeery? The tired Danielle? Frustrated at someone questioning your intelligence Gandhi? Or would you not take 'no' for an answer Brody?

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