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Brody Gets Mad At Sam For Asking Him How He's Feeling

Poor David Brody was out most of last week after having feeling sick. He came in one day, but then realized he was too sick to continue the rest of the week. Monday, November 4th, Brody returned to work and was greeted by Producer Sam who asked him how he was feeling. Brody's response? "You should have asked me 5 days ago when I was sick!"

Elvis Duran decided to bring this conversation up on-air where the entire show argued over whether Brody was right to only ask for "how are you feeling" questions while he was actually sick. Then Diamond chimed in saying the one day Brody did come in while he was not feeling well, made her sick and she was also out Friday!

Watch above as the show argues over whether Brody made Diamond sick and how his conversation this morning went with Sam!