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Producer Sam Gets Locked In Bathroom At Elvis Duran's Wedding

Elvis Duran's wedding in Santa Fe this weekend was perfect. Everyone on the show was living their best life in beautiful colored gowns and made up faces. However not everything went so perfectly for Producer Sam....

While out to lunch after the morning show on Thursday, September 12, Sam accidentally locked herself in the bathroom at the restaurant. From the bathroom, Sam called Froggy and told him she was stuck. With that the entire morning show sprung into action! Garrett was moments away from knocking down the entire door, Froggy went to grab a credit card to fiddle with the lock and get her out, even the restaurant manager attempted to get Sam out, but realized that with it being locked he really doesn't know what to do. Gandhi was the best of all, sprinting to get her phone to record the whole thing on video! LOL! Watch below from Gandhi's perspective and then Sam's from inside the bathroom.