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Do You Go To The Bathroom In Front Of Your Significant Other?

Couple brushing teeth in the morning.

Do you go to the bathroom in front of your significant other? Producer Sam from the Elvis Duran Morning Show recently moved in with her significant other, William. He is insisting that they need to be comfortable going to the bathroom in front of each other, but she disagrees.

Skeery Jones seems to think if you go to the bathroom in front of your partner the romance is DEAD. Meanwhile, Scotty B from the morning show says that a few hours after his wedding he was on the toilet while his wife Amy opened their wedding presents at his feet. Two very opposing views right? Well after asking our listeners their thoughts on going to the bathroom in front of their significant other we got some more interesting comments. One listener writes, "Together 13 years. NO! I get stage fright and I'm afraid he's going to judge me." Meanwhile another listener who has been with her significant other for 12 years writes, "I have no problem going in front of him." Majority of people responding to this topic said they would go #1 but NOT #2. "Only #1. Tried doing #2 but couldn't. He had to leave the bathroom haha," says a listener.

Listen to what the show had to say about this topic below!