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Elvis Duran is Mad About Our Studio Clutter (Listen)

Decluttering Your Life with Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran went on a mild rampage today throwing things away in the studio. He says that a cluttered workplace makes his mind feel cluttered, but his desk mates Skeery Jones and David Brody love working with all their tchotchkes around. Skeery swears he can't work without his CB radio on his desk or his personalized "Skeery" Coca-Cola bottle. 

"Today is about decluttering," Elvis declared to the room before opening up the phone lines to people who also deal with clutter in their lives. "Decluttering in your life, there's an importance there that you may not understand," he later said during a conversation with caller Samantha who opened up about decluttering her life after getting sick. 

Listen to the conversation below:

Image Source: Getty Images