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"I'm The Heir To Armani" And Other Lies People Told To Get Into Bed

Have you ever lied to someone to get them into bed? Did someone ever lie to you? Well our friend Allie Gold shared a story in the office that had all of us shaking our head.

Allie was at a party and introduced to a guy who said he was the "heir to the Armani brand." She talked to him all night about his time spent living the life of an Armani legacy. After they hooked-up she found out his name was just Arman. Turns out a lot of listeners have been in a similar situtation. One listener wrote in saying, "I had a guy tell me he was the lead singer of Creed. His name was actually Scott Stapp.... same name, Not the same dude." Other listeners called in saying they had suspicions that someone lied to him but it wasn't until hearing this story that they realized the guy was probably lying.

Do you think this has ever happened to you? You can watch Allie talk about her experience above!