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Have You Ever Posted A Thirst Trap?

A 'thirst trap' according to is "a sexy photo posted on social media to attract attention. It can also refer to a person considered sexy—a social-media crush."

So what happened when Intern Robby returned to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk about the thirst traps he has posted.... other people on the show confessing to their thirst trap Instagram's posts. When prompted to tell the morning show of all the thirst trap posts he has done and explain who takes the photos and the logistics behind it, Allie Gold who runs the show's social media posts explained her thirst traps as well. The direct messages and texts come rolling in, those are the results you want to see, she explains to the show. Intern Erica also confessed to posting a thirst trap bikini pic or two this past summer. Then Nate and Skeery got involved in the conversation saying they have also posted a thirsty photo before.

Watch our entire conversation with Intern Robby about thirst traps above! Have you ever posted a thirst trap? Let us know in the comments!