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Watch Straight Nate Greet The Show For The First Time Since Health Scare

Straight Nate is back... in studio this time. After experiencing a stroke about a month ago, Nate is back in the Elvis Duran studio with the entire show to give a health update.

Here is what Nate had to say:

I’m not thinking clearly and I stumble to the bathroom which is the last time I walked for the next four days, I think, and proceeded to get sick in the bathroom and at this point Heather knew something was terribly wrong so I’m not thinking clearly and I think 'Oh! I have food poisoning!' right because when you have something like this you don’t think it could happen to you so you’re trying to rationalize..
So I’m starting to lose awareness..and the next thing I know there’s paramedics in the bathroom ..I am next to the bathtub..the way our bathroom is set’s kind of like an alley, the toilet is at the end and the bathroom is right next to it so there’s nowhere to move. So being a former EMT, I’m like this is the worst spot for me to be in because the paramedics are trying to get an IV into my arm because he realizes the situation isn’t that good to get me fluids and I’m just sweating so profusely that in the instant he wipes off my chest to put on one of the leads to see what my heart’s doing it falls off because I’m sweating so badly..I’m going to the hospital in the ambulance..I remember the vehicle stopping and I remember the paramedics say, we need to get him in there no, we gotta go!..
Next thing I know I’m on the cat-scan table because they had to see what kind of stroke I’m having andI couldn’t lay down, the pain was so bad and the urge to vomit was so intense..I finally got a moment where I’m like, 'I can do this!'..
The next thing I remember her saying is 'Ok you have blood on your brain and you have to go to another hospital'..I kept asking 'Where am I?' and 'Have you talked to Elvis?'.. I remember waking up to my parents and saying “I’m sorry” because I’m constantly putting them through this..
Heather, my parents, you (Elvis) and everyone here has been so great and I didn’t want to die..

Listen to Nate's full health update and watch him see the morning show for the first time in a month above!