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Vanna White Surprises 'Wheel' Viewers By Working Out Mid-Show

Photo: Wheel Of Fortune/Sony

If you ever tune in to Wheel of Fortune, you'll be treated to contestants trying to solve puzzles, but you never know what else you might see. On recent episodes, a contestant's inappropriate guess led to an awkward moment, host Pat Sajak tackled a player, a contestant who lost called out the show, a player twerked on Pat, and Vanna White wore an unusual, attention-grabbing dress. Well this week, the letter-turner turned heads again, but not because of what she was wearing, this time it was because she started exercising during the show.

It happened after Pat complimented how great Vanna looks and told the audience about "a little ritual" she performs before each show. He then ran off-screen and got "help" to carry a pair of 10 pound dumbbells over to Vanna, who then started doing curls with them, explaining it is what she does before every show.

Video of the workout was shared on Wheel's Instagram with the caption, "Take it easy, Pat. Vanna’s got this."

Commenters were impressed, writing things like, "Wow, Vanna putting on the gun show. 💪" and "You go girl!"

Clearly the work is paying off as her arms are very impressive, especially for a 66-year-old.