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Pat Sajak Offends Vanna White Again On 'Wheel Of Fortune'

Photo: Getty Images

Pat Sajak has been hosting Wheel Of Fortune since 1981, and over the years he's gotten more comfortable in his role and lately has seemed more open to saying things that maybe he shouldn't. From calling a contestant "ungrateful," to having an icy exchange with a player over a bad pun, to accusing a contestant of lying, to showing no interest in what a contestant was saying, to unintentionally giving a clue to a puzzle, and even allegedly making fun of a contestant's lisp.

Recently, he's also had some uncomfortable exchanges with co-host Vanna White. In one conversation, he asked Vanna if she was an opera buff. She replied, "I'm not a buff, but I like opera," to which Pat inappropriately questioned her, "Have you ever watched opera in the buff? I'm just curious." In another instance, Vanna expressed how she doesn't like to swim in cold water and Pat asked, "Would you take a cold shower?" to which Vanna said, "No," and Pat responded, "Well then, I'm through. So long." Another time, he asked Vanna if she could "move a little faster."

Well on Tuesday's episode, Pat once again had something strange to say to his co-host. Vanna was sporting a lovely sparkling dress and Pat asked her, "Does that dress run by battery or do you plug it in." Unsure of how to respond, Vanna took it well and said, "You would think, huh? Yes!" Pat then continued, "I know, it's very...very..." and Vanna added, "Sparkly!" Pat then said, "Sparkly, yes, it's very nice."

The latest exchange came after another awkward moment with Pat during the bonus round. A contestant named Gina won $50,000 in the round after correctly guessing the puzzle. Her friend came out of the audience to celebrate with her and Pat asked Gina if her friend knows that only Gina won. The loyal buddy responded to Pat, "I feel like I did!"

The episode even started on a odd note, as Pat turned to Vanna while they walked out and said to her, "Don't be nervous." She replied, "Okay, I'll try."

As for Pat, he recently said that "the end is near" for his time hosting the show. No word yet on when that might be though.