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Pat Sajak Left Dazed After 'Wheel' Player Twerks On Him

Photo: Getty Images

Even though he's hosted Wheel Of Fortune for over 40 years, it seems that now more than ever, host Pat Sajak is making headlines. Usually they are about so his on-air comments and behavior - the things he's said or done to contestants. He recently made a suggestive comment to a contestant, called a contestant ungrateful, accused a contestant of lying, had a rather icy exchange with a player over a bad pun, laughed at a contestant's wrong answer and allegedly made fun of a player's lisp. Now, however, he's in the news because of something a contestant did to him - she twerked on the host.

It happened after Jamie McMahon Carrillo, a school musical choreographer from California, correctly solved the bonus round puzzle. She was so excited to have gotten it right that she started dancing, making her way to the host before turning around and backing her butt into him. Confused, Pat seemed to think it was just an accident, but then she did it again and he was at a loss. The flustered host asked, "Did she just butt bump me?" to which Jamie enthusiastically replied, "I did!"

Pat then revealed that Jamie won a car and sent her over by Vanna White to see her new vehicle, but not before warning his co-host, "There she comes! Vanna, look out, she's dangerous!"

It was a pretty good day for Jamie. Not only did she get to twerk on Pat Sajak but she also took home over $61,000 in prizes including that Mazda.