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Vanna White Breaks Twitter With The 'Unusual' Dress She Wore On 'Wheel'

Photo: Getty Images

Lately, Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak has been in the headlines for everything from making a suggestive comment to a contestant, calling a contestant ungrateful, accusing a contestant of lying, having a rather icy exchange with a player over a bad pun, laughing at a contestant's wrong answer, getting twerked on by a player, and allegedly making fun of a player's lisp. Now, though, it is his co-host, Vanna White, who is in the news, and it's all because of something the letter turner wore on the show this week.

On Wednesday's episode, the 65-year-old had on a hot pink dress that bared one shoulder and draped over one leg, but she matched it with black leggings and black high heels so that it all looked like one piece. The head-turning outfit got fans talking on social media and opinions of the dress were pretty split.

Some people had tame things to say like, "That’s a very interesting dress Vanna is wearing," and, "Vanna had a dress on one leg and pants on the other." Others were a little more vocal about what they thought.

Plenty of people were in favor of the piece though, saying things like, "I like Vanna's outfit, unusual," and, "It takes read guts to wear a dress like Vanna's."

Then there were the people who compared the dress to other things. One wrote, "Love Vanna White but not this 'dress?!' #WheelOfFortune Looks like something from Star Trek…" and someone else agreed, "Looks like she should be on the bridge with Captain Picard."

Aside from one episode of the show, Vanna has never worn the same dress twice. She's donned 7,500 different dresses during her 40 years on the show. In a recent Q&A she revealed, "Every fitting I do, which is typically once a week, or every other week, I must try on at least 50 dresses and I've been doing that for 40 years. I'm exhausted!" She also noted, "I don’t get to keep the dresses but the shoes and jewelry are mine." As for what she wears at home, Vanna responded, "Pajamas. No makeup, and slip-on bunny slippers."