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Pat Sajak Interrogates Uncomfortable Vanna White About Past Relationships

Photo: Getty Images

After each episode of Wheel of Fortune, hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White have what is usually a pleasant banter, but lately those moments have been rather awkward because of certain comments or questions from Pat. He's done everything from asking Vanna if she watches "opera in the buff," to telling viewers that she has spent time in prison. Well this week, he once again caused some discomfort for the audience when he interrogated Vanna about her past relationships.

The conversation started innocently enough, with Pat asking Vanna what kind of teenager she was. Vanna explained that she was "a good teenager." Sajak responded, "I'll bet you were. I'll be you didn't make a lot of trouble at all," but then asked, "Did you have a lot of boyfriends?" Vanna, starting to feel weird about the direction of the dialogue, simply said, "I had a couple." Sajak continued, questioning, "Do you remember any of them? Would you know them if you saw them?" Vanna sweetly replied, "Yes, absolutely." Pat then asked, "Have you seen them lately?" Vanna shut it down then, saying, "No! Maybe I wouldn't [recognize them]. I haven't seen them in a long time." Pat ended the show by adding, "We'll do more probing interviews later in the week."

Vanna is currently single, but from 1990 to 2002, she was married to George Santo Pietro, a former PlayGirl model. They have two kids together.