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Vanna White Left Stunned After Another Inappropriate Comment From Pat Sajak

Photo: Getty Images

Vanna White has been working at Wheel of Fortune for 40 years, and all of that time has been spent with Pat Sajak as host. During their tenure, they've had highs and lows, with more lows happening recently. In the past few months, Pat has walked off stage because of things she's said, asked her somewhat inappropriate questions, uttered what some considered offensive comments to her, and caused some awkward moments. This week, he said another questionable thing to her, one that left the audience pretty surprised.

It went down at the very end of the show on Wednesday, after a contestant named Alisha was unable to solve the bonus puzzle, which was "Baffling Mystery." Just before the credits rolled, Vanna turned to her co-host and asked, "Are there any mysteries we should know about you?" Pat replied, "There are no mysteries about me, though I am baffling, as you know from our years together." He then went on to prove just how baffling he can be by saying, "We've been through a lot in 40 years. Remember I used to visit you in prison?"

The crowd laughed awkwardly as an unsure Vanna responded, "I don't remember that." Pat asked, "Was that you?" then went on to say, "Well you were - you had other problems at the time." Again, the audience didn't know how to react so Pat closed out the show saying, "We'll see you next time for another walk down memory lane!" Observing the crowd's discomfort, Vanna said "Bye" and added, "He's joking!"

Twitter felt the same way the studio audience did, with one viewer writing, "Pat, leave the joke writing to the writers. That attempt at humor there at the end was just plain stupid."