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Froggy Had 'Vivid Conversation' With Uncle Johnny In A Dream Last Night

Thursday morning, just 10 days after his brain surgery, Froggy joined us on the phone to give us an update on how he's feeling.

"As far as the medical side of things go, I'm doing really well... I'm being very honest with you though, I'm having a hard time emotionally," Froggy begins to tell the show, "I just I don't want to be a patient my whole life, I don't want to wonder." However, Froggy saw a quote yesterday that made him change his mind a little, "Recovery is not a race," the quote went, "everyone recovers at their own pace."

"I feel like an a-hole for even complaining because it's only been 10 days," Froggy says,"I just had a meaningful conversation with Nate, he was feeling the same things that I was.... "I beat the odds, it's weird sometimes you feel a little guilty. What did I do to deserve to beat the odds. I was left here to help my story and to help others. When I get done, I'm going to devote a great deal of my time to helping other people who have what I had and don't know it, or who do know it and make brain aneurysms something you can survive."

Froggy then tells us how he had a dream involving Uncle Johnny last night. "There are some oils that are meant to be blessed," By "Padre Pio," Danielle adds. This is what Froggy said about it:

My mom brought me them last night. And so before I went to bed I said my prayers over that and I put some of that on my hands. I had the most vivid conversation with Uncle Johnny last night. I’m telling you man there’s a higher power. There are things going on that I can’t explain. But I’m telling you that stuff is real man.

For Froggy's full conversation with the Morning Show listen below.