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Froggy Says "There Was A 1% Chance" For Him And Now Wants To Help Others

After having surgery for a brain aneurysm last Monday, Froggy joined us on-air Monday to give us a health update.

"The biggest problem is that I haven't pooped in 8 days," Froggy says in his update on-air with the morning show. "I'm so tired of drinking Mirilax! When it happens it's going to be...."

Froggy continues in his update talking about his latest struggle (besides not pooping) is aiming his pee. "You know I had a catheter," Froggy begins his second story to the show, "And so late late Monday night, the nurse came in, his name was Jay, he was a super nice dude. I said you can start by taking this catheter out." However Jay said he needed it to be there for now and he'll see what he can do. Around 5:30am, Jay came to take the catheter out. "Imagine taking a piece of sand paper, rolling it up and yanking it out of your weiner," Froggy says. "Then on Thursday," Froggy continues, "I would be aiming, you aim in one place and usually it's a pretty straight aim. I'm aimed at the bowl but it's like it goes one way or the other." Froggy's doctor joked with him and said "I would be very kind to your wife Lisa and sit down so that she doesn't have a big clean up."

On a more serious note, when asked how he's doing, Froggy confides in the show and our listeners saying, "I prayed out loud, I prayed that God would make me wake up, and make me healthy again." However, "Wednesday night I was so miserable that I prayed to die." I've become very friendly with my doctor.... He and I are going to work together to create a brain aneurysm foundation. Because their are 500,000 undiagnosed brain aneurysms every year and most of them occur in women under the age 50, more than men. And so I want to do whatever I can to keep someone from getting into the situation I'm in." Froggy continues, "I’m so lucky that I made it. I had a 1% chance. If I have the platform and the voice to help other people. Instead of sitting around and wondering why me, why not me..... 15 days ago I had no idea that I had a ticking time bomb in my brain ready to explode.... we need more research."

You'll be able to listen to Froggy's full conversation with the show below.