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Froggy’s Health Situation Was Actually More Complicated Than We Thought

After having surgery for a brain aneurysm on Monday, Froggy was able to call in to our show Friday morning to talk health updates and more.

First off, Froggy wanted to thank everyone for the outpour of love and support he has received since announcing his surgery. “It almost gave him (the surgeon) a little extra pressure,” jokes Froggy. “But my situation was actually a little worse than they thought,” Froggy tells the show.

“They found out my aneurysm had what they call a daughters sac.” After some research we have learned that a daughter’s sac are thought to have a higher risk of bursting. Froggy continues, “It had already kind of burst and formed another sac…. Those are very rare they couldn’t see it, but thank god that happened cause it saved my life.” Froggy says, “Everyone in the operating room was very taken aback…” Because of the other sac, Froggy is considered ‘lucky’ since it stopped the drainage.

What Froggy said about his wife Lisa next though, really was the most surprising (not really, but it was very sweet). "I do want to say the greatest thing that has come of this is that I really am married to the greatest woman in the whole world. Lisa has been the greatest wife and care person.... I am so lucky to have the two people (plus his son Caden) I have by my side. I would have never made it without them."

Froggy continues talking about his health saying, "My cognitive function is slower I know who I am I know where I live I know what happened... I'm very aware it’s just harder for me to get things out. My brain doesn’t fire as quick." However the doctor has been reassuring him that he will get that back soon. He also explains how his right eye is swollen shut from fluids, but it is much better today than yesterday.

Listen to our full call with Froggy below! If you want to hear more about what happened to Froggy and his original diagnosis go here.