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Froggy Reveals That The Doctors Found A Large Brain Aneurysm

Froggy made an announcement on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Wednesday, announcing the doctors found a brain aneurysm and he will need to get surgery.

"It's been just over 10 years where they found a tumor," Froggy begins to share, "So I've been going to my routine scans. I went a couple weeks ago and they found a pretty large brain aneurysm. So next Monday I'm going to be getting brain surgery. They say brain aneurysm's are most dangerous at 7 millimeters. Mine's at 6... So this is not something I can wait on. I will be gone for maybe 2 weeks. And then I will be back as soon as I can start feeling better. Success rate is 95% and I feel very good about the doctor doing it. I wanted everyone to know that that’s where I’ll be for the next couple weeks." Froggy explains, "They’ll have to go through the side of my skull, so I will look a little different when I get back."

"Thank goodness I found this," Froggy says, "Most aneurysms that happen, they don’t make it to the hospital. I think like 25% of people who have aneurysms make it to the hospital..... It’s so so so important to stay up on your health. Thank god I found this when I did, because there is no warning for an aneurysm. When it bursts it bursts... I’m very lucky that I found this.”

How did Froggy know to go to the hospital? "I was getting weird headaches, like really severe headaches and as quick as they came on, they went away," he explains to the listeners. When a listener asked why he wasn't getting surgery sooner, Froggy explains this operation is a full day surgery and this is the first day his doctor could do. "As long as I was careful and no exercising he felt I could be ok."

We love you Froggy and will be thinking and praying for you this coming Monday. You can listen to our entire conversation with Froggy about this below.

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