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Please Pray For Our Uncle Johnny

After an Instagram post went out on Uncle Johnny's Instagram via Elvis Duran and Alex Carr, we are asking for everyone to pray for Uncle Johnny's health.

Per the Instagram post:

This is Alex and Elvis. 5pm uncle Johny update from his Dr.
He is in "cruise mode". They installed the blood pump in order to keep his body alive. Doing dialysis to compensate for his lack of kidney function.
He's still in a deep sleep.
They're waiting for the bacteria to clear from his bloodstream. He is very sick. The pump is keeping his body alive but the infection is still dulling the possibility of improvement. He's on extremely high doses of antibiotics to help fight the infection. The Dr. said they’re throwing everything at him including the kitchen sink to battle the blood infection. Once they get ahold of the blood infection they can move to his heart.
Your strength, hope and prayers are working. 🙏🏻❤️thank you.

On Tuesday, Elvis Duran went on-air to talk about how Uncle Johnny is doing. "He was running a fever of 104 degrees," Elvis says. "He was getting worse and worse and it got to the point where Sunday Alex and I went to see him and we decided I would go in first." He continues, "They took him away and that’s the last time I saw him. They have him asleep.. His kidneys aren’t functioning. He’s cruising along."

We are asking for everyone to keep Uncle Johnny in their thoughts right now. Listen to Elvis Duran's full update on Uncle Johnny below.