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Meghan Trainor Announces Christmas Album: 'A Very Trainor Christmas'

Meghan Trainor joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Wednesday to make a special announcement! What is coming from the pop-star? A Christmas album to be released on October 30th.

"A Very Trainor Christmas" is the title of the album, now available for pre-order. She's including all the Trainors on this album telling Elvis Duran, "My brothers wrote the music with me," even including that her little brother recorded vocals with her on every song."

No song titles or collaborations have been announced although they are definitely coming. One of Trainor's biggest fears was having a Christmas album that didn't include someone's favorite Christmas song. "It was actually the only album they let me do more than 15 songs," reveals Trainor, "Because I was like oh my god what if i missed one people love."

Outside making Christmas music, Trainor has spent a lot of time with her family and husband. She even has been going on her brother's Twitch channel to play video games live!

We all need a little Christmas NOW and thankfully Meghan Trainor is bringing us some spirit soon! Make sure to pre-order her Christmas album now and listen to her entire interview with Elvis Duran above!