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Elvis Duran Reflects On A Clip Of When We Talked About Working From Home

Over a year ago, we discussed on the 15 Minute Morning Show what it would be like to work from home. Pre-pandemic we reflect on what it's like to hear us talking about work from home life and the pros/cons.

In June of 2019, Straight Nate brought up a topic on our 15 Minute Morning Show. What was the topic? The perks of working from home! “Can we talk about the perks of working from home?” Nate begins the conversation. The show talks about all the perks of working from home like being able to use the bathroom more quickly and waking up without having to do much to get ready for the day. However Gandhi makes mention of thinking she would miss seeing everyone in person too much.

Who would have thought that a year later this would all come true? Listen below and the morning show breaks down the perks of working from home and reflect on what it’s like hearing that now.