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Meghan Trainor Responds To Niall Horan’s Fans Coming After Her

Grammy award winner, Meghan Trainor has just released her third studio album: Treat Myself and it is full of jams. Her new single Nice To Meet Ya featuring Nicki Minaj brings a whole new side to her. Using some throwback 90's R&B production, Trainor's lyrics are some of the best she's ever written. I used my makeup to hide. Tellin' you there ain't nothin' I haven't tried. Changed my hair, but I couldn't change up my mind."

There's something however the world couldn't help but notice... The song title is identical to Niall Horan's song. “Woah, he’s had his moment. It’s been out for a minute,” says Trainor about having the same song title as the singer/songwriter. Trainor goes on in her interview with Elvis Duran, Tuesday February 4th describing what happened when she saw that. “I was pissed because I wrote mine years ago and that happened and it’s down to the same spelling of 'ya'. And I was like oh no what do we do? Do we change it? Do we say something else? And there truly couldn’t have been another title and I’m sorry. Niall’s really nice, I love him, every time I see him he’s amazing to me but I can't change it and his fans are coming after me and it’s ok because my fans are standing strong…"

Trainor continues saying what his fans were tweeting at her, “They’re just like I thought this was trending for Niall (because it was trending) guess not dot dot dot ew and I was like mmm at least you’re still trending it ew”

Trainor concludes, "I just wanna write a song… So many titles! He had a great moment, I heard on the radio the other day and the top song at “Nice To Meet Ya” and I was like it’s me already !?…. And they were like Niall Horan .. damn it Niall.”

You can watch Meghan Trainor's entire interview with Elvis Duran above and be sure to check out her new album Treat Myself.