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Elvis Duran Show Members Attempt To Plan A Social-Distanced Meet Up

Brody sent an email to Elvis Duran over the weekend. The email inquired about a socially distant meet-up with the show members, possibly in New Jersey? In the email Elvis reads on the main show Tuesday morning, it says that we could get together, take a photo, and just see each other in person after all these months apart.

Well we take this idea to the 15 Minute Morning Show and try to figure out where we can meet up to include Froggy (in Florida) and Gandhi (in Michigan), while also making it so we don't have to quarantine in that state for more than 2 weeks. We decided on Delaware as a possible location, although that is still an 11 hour drive for Froggy, he said he would do it!

Watch above as we plan our meet up and also discuss tongue twisters and Brooklyn Boys apparel!