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Here Are Science-Backed Ways To Increase Your Hope

While we are living in these 'times of uncertainty' we are being told by many to 'have hope' and to stick it out through the hard times. However having hope isn't that simple. "You have to want to change in order to see change," Gandhi from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show tells listeners Tuesday morning.

Forge published an article titled '8 Science-Backed Ways To Increase Your Hope,' by Benjamin Hardy, PhD. We read these ways on the air Tuesday morning and have re-written them here for you to go back to. If you would like more details on how to increase your hope, you should read the full article by Hardy here.

Look back on past wins

Pray or meditate

Look for the ‘third door’

Filter your inputs

Create ‘If-Then’ scenarios

Cheer for yourself (literally!)

Frame failure as feedback

Instill hope in others

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