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Anthony Ramos Talks New Song 'Stop': "We'll Be Hitting Them With The Tempo"

Anthony Ramos is in Brooklyn, releasing his new single Stop, that will for sure get you to stop whatever you're doing and listen. Ramos joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Friday to talk about the new single, his upcoming album, all while trying to control his two dogs from jumping on top of him!

"My dog is literally taking a poop in front of me right now," Ramos hilariously says as he is in the Zoom room. The conversation continues and Ramos does admit he misses being on the stage. "I miss being onstage for sure," he tells Elvis, "But I am enjoying this time of just being able to create music. I’m just writing songs and not having this timeline.. you really just create freely."

His new song Stop, was written on March 3rd. "I was in LA and this was the last song on my writing trip... I get home two weeks later and find out the world had stopped." From Brooklyn Ramos has been able to spend time with his family and his dogs. Ramos says he's going to put out single after single before the second album's official release saying, "If it was up to me I’d put the album out tomorrow, but you know there’s a plan, a whole roll out. I think the album will be out at the top of next year." Comparing this album with his first one Ramos says, "The first album, that was story time..... The second album is like getting on the Nitro at Six Flags. He laughs and explains, "It’s still story but we hitting them with the tempo and adrenaline with this second album."

Watch Anthony Ramos' full interview with Elvis Duran above and be sure to check out his new single Stop out now!