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Anthony Ramos Cried 5 Times Watching ‘In The Heights’ The Movie

Hamilton star and singer, Anthony Ramos is heading In The Heights summer 2021 and the world can't wait to see it.

In an interview with Elvis Duran on Friday, April 24th, Ramos confesses the movie is done. "It was really cool just going back and watching it," Ramos says recalling a time when the movie was finished and he sat with his director and co-star in the editing room to see the finished product. "I cried 5 times, it was just so moving." Ramos explains his emotional reaction to the film as so:

I just remember what the movie felt like shooting it. We shot this one massive scene that on paper we should never have been able to shoot this big scene in one day. There were so many things that we did in this shoot that theoretically shouldn’t be possible. How are you going to shoot a huge musical number in an alley way in one day? And we got all our shots in one day without going overtime.

Recently Ramos was seen on John Krasinski's Some Good News, with the entire original Hamilton cast for a surprise performance. "I hadn't seen anyone in so long. I haven’t seen the cast, we haven’t really been together," says Ramos about singing with his fellow cast members like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie-Odom Jr. "I haven’t seen everyones face in years and I for sure thought the next time we would see each other is the Hamilton movie which is next year." The Hamilton movie is set for theaters October 15, 2021.

Tonight Anthony Ramos will be joining Elvis Duran again for his Stay At Home Ball benefiting Project C.U.R.E. He will be performing in this "little cave" that he built. Make sure you watch tonight at 8pm ET here.