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Anthony Ramos Explains The Power Of Showing Vulnerability

Hamilton, A Star Is Born, the future In The Heights film, Anthony Ramos does it all and now the Grammy award winner is releasing his forthcoming full-length debut album after only recording for a month-and-a-half.

Anthony Ramos teared up while hearing Elvis Duran comment on the way he speaks, sounds like music in itself, on Thursday morning. After coming back from a commercial break, Ramos was introduced to a caller that told Ramos how much he admired him to be vulnerable and cry on-air. "It's important for us to be vulnerable... there's something inside all of us that wants that. For whatever reason we become adults and get hard and it's like, hard for what?"

Part of the reason he feels so in touch with him emotions comes from the women he surrounds himself with. "Tons of women have inspired me," says Ramos. Whether it is his mother, aunts, fiancé, there are so many women around him that he even wrote a song about it on his album.

"The Good & The Bad," Ramos debut album, comes out at midnight October 25th. "Every song is a true story," Ramos explains to the morning show. Is the singer nervous for his first album to be released? "I'm nervous because I'm giving it over.. but I'm excited because now everyone else can have it." Then Ramos adds that he has to get started on the next album.

Recently Ramos wrapped the filming for his lead role in the film version of Lin Manuel Miranda's musical In The Heights. The film is due out next summer but until then... you will be hearing us blast his latest single "Mind Over Matter," all the time. For reference, here is Ramos hearing the song play on the radio for the first time.

You can catch Ramos' full interview with Elvis above as well as a performance of 5SOS Youngblood and benny blanco, Halsey and Khalid's Eastside below!