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Leslie Odom, Jr. Would Not Be Able To Go Back And Perform 'Hamilton' Again

Tony and Grammy award-winning performer, Leslie Odom, Jr. is making headlines with the release of his new album 'Mr' out Friday, November 8th. With this album also comes a tour for Spring 2020 titled "Stronger Magic Tour," which kicks off in Las Vegas on March 8th.

While in the studio with Elvis Duran, Odom took us back to his days in the Broadway show 'Rent' and how that was his only goal growing up. "Rent was my Hamilton," explains Odom, "I was a 13-year-old kid in Philadelphia... 'Rent' made a splash for me in the way 'Hamilton' made a splash... It was love in the face of everything... I just wanted to be a part of that show."

After 'Rent,' Odom went off to school realizing he should learn more about performing and acting before he went out and did it again. After attending Carnegie Mellon, he appeared in shows like Gilmore Girls and Smash. "This record is my wildest dream," says Odom on what comes next.

When asked if he would be able to go back and perform as Aaron Burr without looking at a script or rehearsal Odom replied laughing, "It would be the worst show of my life."

You can watch Leslie Odom, Jr's entire interview with Elvis Duran above! You can also check out a cover of Señorita he performed with friend Amber Iman below. Don't forget to listen to his new album 'Mr' out Friday, November 8th.