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How Often Do People Confess To Something When They Are Under Anesthesia?

It's rare to have an anesthesiologist in your presence that you can ask all the questions you've been holding on to... Dr. Johnston an anesthesiologist that loves Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, called in on Friday, June 5th so we can play "Ask An Anesthesiologist."

The question most fascinating was from Gandhi. She asks, "How often have people confessed to something?" She follows up her question asking if anyone has confessed to cheating or things of that nature... Dr. Johnston answers saying it does happen often. He says "especially when a baby is being delivered." As far as stories go, he couldn't actually give us a specific one, but you can only imagine what a woman confesses to when she's in the middle of labor.

This question is followed up by Nate who asked when you count back from 100, what is the lowest number you've seen people get to. Dr. Johnston responded saying 92 or 93. He says after 97 most people get slurred or go to sleep!

After this discussion and Danielle's report, we get into another debate of 'top or bottom' with things like the toilet paper roll, hamburger buns and bunk beds! Listen below as we break it all down.

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