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Froggy And Gandhi Play Newlywed Game With Their Significant Others

Tuesday, May 5th, Gandhi introduced us to the Newlywed Game in which she challenged Danielle and her husband Sheldon to verse Elvis and his husband Alex to see which couple knew each other better. With that, we thought it was only fitting to do it all again today but this time with Gandhi as one of the contestants. Her opponent? Froggy.

Froggy and his wife Lisa are going against Gandhi and her boyfriend Brandon and SPOILER ALERT... It's a very close game. The two couples had to answer questions anywhere from the craziest place they've done it, to who in their family or friend group their significant other would do. Don't worry there other questions like what your partner thinks their good at, but they just aren't and more!

Watch above to see how well these two couples know each other in our version of the newlywed game!