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Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Plays Quarantine Themed Match Game

We may be broadcasting at home, but that won't stop the stars getting together to play the Match Game on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show April 14th. Danielle, Gandhi, Froggy and Skeery are here with their host Elvis Duran. Here comes contestant number one, Jeanie, who is a home health care nurse.

Here is the first sentence:

Chubby Charlie has eaten so much during quarantine he’s gained so much weight, he gained 5 pounds in his ___________.

Jeanie's answer? testicles

Now for their answers:

Froggy - ball sac

Daniele - penis

Gandhi - nut sac

Skeery - banus

That's three matches for Jeanie! Let's see what our second contestant has?

Lisa, a phlebotomist is on and here is her sentence:

Lonely Laurie is so lonely during her quarantine that every night she makes out with her ___________.

Lisa's answer? vibrator

Now for their answers:

Froggy - battery operated boyfriend

Danielle - cat

Gandhi - cat

Skeery - rabbit (sex toy)

That's two for Lisa, making Jeanie the winner here, although both women left the game with prizes.

Listen to one of our most successful games of Match Game below!