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Barbara Corcoran Says There’s No Chance Mark Cuban Is Running For President

Shark Tank, real estate expert and now podcaster, Barbara Corcoran, stopped by the Zoom for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Tuesday May 5th to talk about Shark Tank, advice for people heading back to work, and if we should expect Mark Cuban running for president.

While on-air with Elvis Duran, Corcoran has an important piece of advice for people who are just dying to go back to work and normalcy. "The only great commodity we have right now is time to ourselves," begins Corcoran, "Ask yourself, how happy are you doing what you're doing? Now you have the time to teach yourself something." Corcoran continues with the harsh reality, "Anyone who is waiting and hoping business is going to be like they used to be are not going to be offered their jobs back." She says that a lot of these businesses are using this time to 'clean house' and are only going to hire the 'best ones back." She concludes, "It's not going to be the same, but no one is expecting it to be a competitive environment but it will be."

When it comes to Shark Tank though, Corcoran reveals she is not worried. "Shark Tank is delayed not cancelled... I'm not the least bit worried about Shark Tank." Towards the end of the interview, Corcoran also answers the rumors of her Shark Tank co-star, Mark Cuban, running for president. In a recent interview, Cuban said times are changing and that "it's plausible" and "definitely doable" when it comes to running for president, but a question of whether he "should." Well Corcoran says when she attended Cuban's birthday party, she was in a discussion with his wife who told her there's "not a chance" he would run for president. Corcoran says she got the sense that his wife would "kill him," if he did!

Hear more from Barbara Corcoran for real estate advice or her take for small businesses in her full interview with Elvis Duran above. Also be sure to check out her podcast Business Unusual.