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Barbara Corcoran Reveals Who On 'Shark Tank' She’s Most Jealous Of

Shark, Barbara Corcoran stepped into the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show tank Wednesday morning, November 13th. The Shark Tank cast member has had her fair share of successful deals like Daisy Cakes and Cousins Maine Lobster.

When Gandhi asked about ideas that have come by and Corcoran has passed on, Corcoran was quick to reply with exactly the deals she is most jealous of. "Yeah just about every piece of crap Lori Greiner invests in that's like worth a buck and she sells for 35 dollars," says Corcoran. "Every single one of those ideas that she saw and I thought 'what a stupid idea, a sponge with a smiley face? 'Who the hell would buy that?' I'll tell you 80 million people bought that sucker."

Corcoran continues explaining how her and Greiner look at the people and products through a different mindset. "She's [Lori] got a great nose for merchandise, she just has it," Corcoran continues, "I don't get it, I have a nose for people. I can see a person that I could really build on like a foundation to build on and build a big business thats my thing. So I give her hers but I'm still jealous."

Corcoran's podcast Business Unusual is on on iHeartRadio, or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. You can actually call her at 888-BARBARA to ask a question for a future episode! You can also catch her on ABC's Shark Tank every Sunday at 9/8 central.