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Governor Murphy Reveals This Weekend Is A Test For NJ Reopening

Last year, Memorial Day Weekend, we spent it with Governor Murphy at Jenkinsons in Pt Pleasant Beach, this May is looking a lot different. After meeting with President Trump last night, Governor Murphy stopped by the Zoom room for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Friday May 1st to discuss his headline for the day, how he's feeling and a future re-opening for the state of New Jersey.

"We're still in the thick of it, we're not in the end zone" says Governor Murphy to Elvis Duran, "The better news is that the numbers and the curves we are looking at are flattening or coming down. If you look at heat maps or county maps... a lot of those counties are looking good."

What is the hardest part of his everyday? Governor Murphy tells Gandhi that he makes it his business to call survivors and families of the ones we've lost. "We have to do that," he confesses to Gandhi. "At one level this is about math, but it can never just be about math. It has to be about precious human lives. 7,228 precious brothers and sisters we've lost."

With that being said, Governor Murphy is really proud of the state of New Jersey for doing a great job with social distancing and wearing masks. There have been small talks of re-opening in phases and Governor Murphy agrees with Froggy saying this weekend will be a test for the state. "Yea I'd say, in short the answer is yes." He continues:

We’re not ready to go on Monday, but the answer is yes. It’s also please let's trust each other and it’s earned trust. NJ has done an extraordinary job. Incredible compliance. Let’s take another big step together. If it goes well, then it allows us the ability to say, as the curves go in the right direction. There’s a bunch of steps. But this is a good weekend to see if we can take those steps sooner.

Governor Murphy answers Danielle's questions about schools and addresses how he's feeling during all of this in the full interview above. Also be sure to watch his conference addressing the public every day at 1pm ET.