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Straight Nate Gives Wedding Planning Update Amid Coronavirus

After getting engaged early January, we've been waiting for some wedding updates from the groom-to-be, Straight Nate. It has only been a few months since the engagement but that doesn't mean we can't be curious of the details? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic of course, planning seems to have taken a turn.

"Pre-pandemic I think we were planning on the end of this year when all of our families could be together," begins Nate talking about the wedding date, "But I think we may push it off a little bit further to make sure all of our concerns about traveling are gone. So I think we’re looking at maybe next year some time."

Froggy couldn't help but hysterically laugh at this, claiming Nate was using the pandemic as a way to push off the wedding. "This pandemic is great for guys who don’t want to commit." Danielle chimes in jokingly as Nate 'I’m doing it for your mom.' Nate speaks up, "Hey we wanted to have a great time, go on a nice honeymoon. That’s the reason!"

This isn't the first time Nate had to put off something about his wedding due to unfortunate circumstances. He originally was planning on proposing to girlfriend now fiancé Heather on New Year's Eve but quickly backed out and pushed it a few days. Here's the story below:

I had wanted to do it on New Year’s Day because fresh start, I didn’t have a very good 2019. I figured alright let’s start 2020 off right. However, she started her period that day, so she was not in the best of moods. She was very angry about something minor. I’m like ‘today is not the day.’ So then I figured two days later we did a city day, I had to run some errands, go to a doctor’s appointment. Figured okay, we’ll be in the same neighborhood where we had our first apartment, memories. The subway up there, this guy took his shoe off. I am not kidding. And the smell was toxic. There is no way a human being could make that smell. So that’s all we could talk about for the next two hours. So I’m like ‘I can’t do it now.’ So fast forward to last night, we were talking about this and that. And talking about our lease because our lease is up at our apartment. She’s asking like ‘Well, what are we doing here?’ And so, she asked me ‘well, how long do you want to sign the lease for?’ And I just figured this is the moment. And I go, ‘Well, how ‘bout we sign it forever?’ And I pulled out the ring, and she started crying. And that was it. It wasn’t how I planned it. It wasn’t the grand vision I had in my head. But, it was just a moment that worked. She said yes, and then I let you guys know. Called her parents. I didn’t get nervous until afterwards. I don’t know if guys go through that. But, I just- she goes, ‘How were you so calm during this?’ But I figured you know, somebody that’s saved my life as many times as she has, I really just had to keep her around to do it again.

Watch Nate's entire engagement story being told below!