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Brody Gets Pulled Over By Policeman Right Outside Our Studio

No one is above the law... even our own David Brody!

Brody was leaving Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Monday when he got pulled over by a police officer on a scooter! "I see behind me, Nate and a guy on a vespa flying up behind me." Brody pulls over to the side to move out of the way, when he realizes the vespa was actually a police officer. "He pulls over to my window and says 'pull over,'" Brody explains. The police officer tells Brody that he "blew the stop sign."

Brody tells the officer that he was in a hurry, how his dad was on the job for 35 years, the virus.... There was no one around except a man in the park.... "I'm giving you a ticket," the officer says... "You could have endangered that man in the park," Brody says reenacting the conversation.

"The guy had a walker," Nate chimes in, he was 30 or 40 feet away.

The thing is... If Brody hadn't told the officer about the guy in the park, he wouldn't have gotten the ticket. "I didn't want to lie to the police officer," Brody says defending himself. "It's kind of embarrassing to know the person getting pulled over," Nate adds.... Judge Elvis, brings in callers to discuss if Brody should or should not have gotten the ticket.

Listen to the entire investigation below!

Photo: Getty