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Can Straight Nate Pull Off A Pearl Necklace?

From Shawn Mendes to Harry Styles, even celebrities like Joe Jonas and Usher are getting in on a trend of male-celebrities wearing pearl necklaces.

Straight Nate isn't so sure he can pull this off himself. Stating it's unfair that rockstars get in on trends like this because they are the only people that can pull it off. Well we decided to see for ourselves what Nate would look like in a pearl necklace.... and the result had Danielle, Gandhi and pretty much everyone in the studio hysterically laughing. See below!

What do you think? Can Nate pull off the pearl necklace? Vote in the poll on our Instagram stories [@ElvisDuranShow] and let us know! As of 9:08am on March 12th, 77% of you think he can NOT pull it off!

Photo: Getty