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Danielle's Husband Sheldon Buys The Perfect Gift For The Squirrels

Danielle Monaro and her husband Sheldon are always cracking us up. What is making us laugh hysterically this time? The round up of things Sheldon bought. Of all the things that Sheldon could have pulled out from behind him to show Danielle, and his Facebook Live audience, a picnic table for squirrels was the last thing we would have expected.

"Now this thing is the best, you're going to love this," Sheldon says the moment before pulling out his third item for the viewers. "You know how everybody's affected by the pandemic? Animals too! How bout squirrels?" He asks Danielle, "Squirrels need help during this pandemic too. When was the last time you took a moment to think about the squirrels? This is my favorite purchase of the year... A squirrel picnic table!"

Yep, you heard that correctly, a squirrel picnic table. The table is your typical picnic table but miniature with a corn on the cob in the center!

Watch above for the hilarious reveal as well as more of Sheldon's excellent purchases from this year.